Men - showing face and bare chest  Men - have a head massage

Tranquility is proud to offer a range of health and grooming treatments for men in an attempt to keep up with popular demand.  I have tailored a variety of treatments specifically designed for men and their unique needs.




Hair Removal

Hair removal is the most popular male treatment and not as painful as men envisage.  Prior to the treatment – the area will be cleansed and the hairs may be trimmed if they are too long to be waxed.  Generally the hairs will be trimmed to a maximum of 10mm.  A high quality warm tea tree wax will then be applied followed by a wax strip to remove the unwanted hair.  Afterwards, a soothing tea tree lotion is applied to help soothe the skin.

Back       £19

Chest     £19





Many forms of massage are available for men.  They are designed to suit your every need whether its to relax and calm, uplift and energise or to give you a sense of well being.  Please see the Massage section or visit the Treatments page.

A popular package for men is the Action man.  This is a massage which consists of relaxing and relieving tension on the two main areas of the body. Excellent for relieving sciatica and general back pain, it includes a deep tissue leg massage and a deep tissue back massage.

45 mins             £36